Friday, June 29, 2007

Cafe Society

Some drawings during my reading/drawing visit this afternoon at a local cafe.

She was flipping through a magazine.

This guy was with the magazine woman. He was using a magnifying glass to read.

This woman was sitting directly in front of me. They were discussing the demise of her daughter's current relationship.

This dude kept watching the girls walk by.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hard Lesson

I haven't had a hardass for a design teacher in a long time. Not to say the other profs at the Academy are 'easy.' This new guy is pretty strict. Which is fine with me. I can handle strict. But, I begin to question the line between being tough to help, and being tough to the point of being unfair.

Long story short, I missed one specification in a list of 15 required specifications for the first assignment. Now, he gave me a decent crit, but missing ONE specification resulted in a very low letter grade. I thought that was a bit harsh.

Anyway, this is a snip from my first assignment... coming up with a concept for a paper clip company, showing the product's utility. I chose to show the product being used on something besides paper, and use a cultural reference at the same time.