Sunday, January 14, 2007

No, No, No

This isn't a complaint about work, but I felt I should share this experience. I was asked to work with a nationaly recognized company to create a small ad campaign for an event they were using our facilities for. We met with them and showed them some of my work. They've held many other events on my employer's property, that I'd been assigned to promote over the past 5 years. I just never formally met them. They seemed to like my work, and I was looking forward to creating something GREAT with them.

I had the luxury of time to go through the creative process, and I felt what I came up with was strong and incorporated what was discussed in the initial meeting. To make a long story short, they rejected all of my ideas. I don't take that sort of thing personally, if they had more effective solutions (or criticism), but they didn't. They kept making changes over their own changes. My enthusiasm bled out of the project, and I lost all interest. It became another type setting assignment.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Group Therapy

I'm a graphic designer, or commercial artist, or what ever title is defining the profession these days. I communicate. Well, at least I try to.

So, why is this called 'group therapy?' Well, my new direction for this old blog was to post my design work up, and have my contemporaries critique it. After I got little to no response to my emails, I got discouraged.

So, it's back to my 'thoughts on life & art' with the occasional work. Hey, it's better than nothing, eh?