Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happiness is an 18 Year Old Swatch

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When I was a kid living in San Diego in 1986 I was given a Swatch watch by my father. Now, my father usually didn't give me 'gifts' so this was a big deal to me. I loved that watch. It was a SWATCH, and the face was really cool looking, and the watch band was red with holes in it. It was very cool looking...and it was a SWATCH.

I was always careful with it when it was on my wrist. If I knew I was going outside to play, I'd put the watch away for safe keeping. One day in school, I put the watch in my desk before recess. When I came back, it was GONE.
Yes. Someone stole my Swatch watch.

So, there I was. Sad because I wasn't careful enough to take care of the watch my FATHER gave me. A couple of weeks later, I saw someone in class with the same watch... claiming it was a gift. I had never confronted him about it, but my gut feeling told me that it was my watch. I accepted my loss and learned my lesson. But, I never forgot about that watch, and how happy I was when my father first gave it to me.

Last Saturday I was talking to the Raq on the phone, and she was telling me about some 80s drinking glasses she found on Ebay (you know, those tall drinking glasses available at fast food places, for a movie promotion) ...and it suddenly dawned on I wonder if I can find the same kind of watch on Ebay.

So, I try it on Sunday ...and sure enough. I FOUND IT!! It took forever because apparently there are alot of vintage 80s Swatch watches for sale on Ebay. Still, I found the exact same watch! I was so overjoyed, I signed up for Ebay and made my bid... $1.50 (it was actually a set of three old Swatches, which included mine). The auction would be over in 9 hours, and I'd have myself one of the most defining artifacts of my childhood.

I was busy the rest of the day, so I didn't bother to check because the watches were offered for 5 days with no bids. The next day, I check my email to see how this person wants to be paid for MY watch when... I see two messages...

"Ebay Outbid Notice" and "Ebay Item Not Won"

I was so upset. I felt lost... like I did on that fateful day the Swatch was stolen from my desk. I couldn't believe it.

I emailed the winning bidder, explained the sentimental value of the Swatch watch and asked if I can purchase that ONE watch from him.

He has yet to respond.

I'm guessing the souless bastard isn't going to respond, so I guess the great Ebay search will continue.