Saturday, July 29, 2006

Watching the Watchers

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I went to the Eagle's Training Camp in Bethlehem today. I go ever year, and it was the first Saturday that the WHOLE team is there, so I usually go early, so I can get a good spot to watch the practice close up.

There are three practice fields all close together. Around the entire area of those fields is a plastic make-shift fence, which is the border between us rabid fans, and the fragile football players.

I understand the need for security in this day and age. I can appreciate such efforts being made because, all joking aside... there are stupid people out there who wouldn't be able to contain themselves while the players are practicing. So, to add to the safety of the plastic fence, there are security personel posted on the other side of the fence. They're armed with walkie-talkies. Seems like their main job is to stop people from leaning on the fence (at one point, I saw a security manager tell his people to make SURE those people do not have their hands on the fence.) Fair enough... the fence is rather flimsey, and you can't have 100 people leaning on it at the same time.

There were two guards posted in the area I chose to watch the practice. One of them was fairly large and slightly imposing, and kindly asked certain people not to lean on the fence.

The other was a young, skinny kid who took the job pretty seriously. He wasn't exactly imposing while telling GROWN MEN to 'get off the fence' in a dismissive tone. At one point he even caught someone smoking. "There's no smoking here." He said in his underdeveloped voice.

I just found the whole thing amusing. This kid was given a little responsibility and he took it to the next level.

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