Friday, April 14, 2006

Suburban Mist

[Music - Soul Kitchen, The Doors]
[Mood - bleh]

It thunderstormed for a bit, and then it got PERFECT outside. The tempature was perfect, it was partly cloudy, but it was the evening, so the sun was setting. I walked the dog, she had a field day since everything had been rained on. I can't imagine having a sense of smell 500 times greater than humans.

I started thinking about all the little 'suburban hell' things I've seen and read throughout my life... how much suburban life suck and everything. I can understand the 'suburbs' acting as a metaphore for what ever purpose those movies, stories or songs were tyring to express. I just can't relate to that because I grew up in such a place that was a gunfight a way from being an official ghetto. So, the grasser was always greener in those cookie cutter developments.


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