Sunday, February 19, 2006

Money CAN Buy Happiness

Music: Color Me Once - Violent Femmes
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They say 'money can't buy happiness' ...well, I'm not sure how true that is.

I'm at Friendly's, ordering 2 sundaes because I have a coupon... buy one 3 scoop sundae, get one free. My wife likes the brownie-fudge sundae. She told me it was 3 scoops. So, I present my coupon... which I'm told I cannot use because the brownie-fudge sundae is NOT under the 3-scoop sundae column. Even though it HAS 3 scoops and is 10 cents cheaper!

I didn't argue it. I was very upset, though because I haven't had luck with coupons lately. Plus, it was Valentine's Day and I just wanted to get home. Plus, I still had to pay for the other sundae.

Then I started thinking... if I were a millionaire, would I even care that I couldn't use the coupon. Would I even be using a coupon? After all, I was trying to save 5 bucks on a sundae... then again, I put 5 bucks towards Powerball. Sure, total waste because I didn't win.

Anyway, to answer my question... would I care if I were a millionaire. The answer is no. It's only 5 bucks. I know, I can't seriously measure being happy with more money based on my Friendly's experience, but that's where it starts.

Consider my situation... I'm always low on money and I got bills. Plus, I never buy anything nice for myself. Sure, I'd like a new ipod (last 'nice' thing I bought for me was the 20gb last year) computer, & nicer clothes. I'd like to NOT worry about bills and having to work for 'the man.'

Somehow, if I were a millionaire, I think I'd obtain some of that happiness.


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