Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Shade: The Changing Man

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[ music | The Dreaming - Thank You ]

The First Day of Summer

I remember when summer started in early June, the last day of school. It was freedom. Free from books, free from teacher's dirty looks. Free from thought control.

I'll stop being corny.

Anyway, I've lost that feeling of freedom. Perhaps I will get a chance to regain that feeling once I have more free time. I'll add it to the list of things I'll be doing throughout the summer.

I made two cards for Raquel tonight. I just reminded her that I'm there for her during her family's time of need. She's never had to deal with losing someone before. I lost three close family members over the years, and I know from experience that it's an unfortunate part of life, and it may sound cliche, but time does help in dealing with it.

It seems strange to think of something all the time when you never gave it a second thought before. Cancer runs on both sides of my family. My aunt died of cancer when she was 22. My uncle had cancer, and beat it.

There are times where I don't really know what to feel. All of those things just swirl through my mind every time I'm in or near that house, or when Raquel talks to me about it. I just know, she's going to need me these next few weeks.


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