Monday, July 19, 2004

Understanding You

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"It works 60% of the time ALL the time." -The Bry Man

I've learned alot this week. I've also become inspired to think about drawing again. THINK about it... there is alot I have to consider. To be more specific... I'd like to see what is involved in cartooning, and I'll see where it goes from there.

Understanding Comics was definately helpful. I'm almost done with it, and I can't wait to finish. It talks alot about sequential art, and the inner workings of storytelling through comics. Talk about inspiring. It just made me think about about myself, and made me think about my potential. In fact, this while week was filled with realizing alot of things about myself. I knew this would happen again. This seems to come in spats... learning things about myself, and just being blown away by what I learn (in my own way, of course.)

I visited Julia last night and watched Family Guy. I wish they'd bring that back already. Family guy is insanely genius. Why would Fox ever cancel it?

Afterwards, I visited Raquel at work. She was suprised, although my visit had to be announced. I brought her a yellow carnation... just because. Call me a sucker for romance, I know. She's my love, and deserves a gesture such as that every once in a while.

Friday night hung out with the Boehms and ate sushi. I've concluded that I like the Philadelphia Roll the most. It's not strait-up Japanese, I know, but it'll do. They should make a Lehigh Valley Roll... consisting of... a piece of perogi, funnel cake, and hot dog. Better yet, they should make a Puerto Rico Roll... filled with fish, tostones, chorizo and rolled with yellow rice.

Then we saw Anchorman (it was viewing #2 for me) and I laughed hard the second time around. I stick to my orginal review... an instant classic.

"I'll have to be honest with you, it smells like pure gasoline."


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