Monday, April 10, 2006

New Beginnings

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So, been painting for a while now. Everyone says they 'like' my work... but, I'm not sure if it's flattery or if it's genuine. In any case, I've already hit a crossroads again. I enjoyed experimenting with the paints and the other materials, but I want more out of it. I think I'll stick with the charcoal and black and white paintings.

I went to NYC a couple of weeks ago to see the Whitney Biennial, and although it was disappointing at best... a few works of art stood out, and made me realize that I want to try to work big. All this time I've been working small, but if I can turn out something big... something massive to look at. A new goal has been set.

My mom has told me she'd like to leave South Bethlehem. I'm so happy for her, because it'd be improving her life. She'd be doing something for herself for a change. Some times she talks about it, but this is the first time she sounded sincere. I hope she goes through with it.


Blogger Helena said...

ooohh.. another update!

Big is good :)

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