Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Simple Plan

[music: Anything for You - Evanescence]
[mood: accomplished]

A conversation I had Friday with a friend online opened up some very interesting ways to deal with my issues. I have many, and it basically requires me to put everything into perspective and question my reasons, and face truths. I'm glad to say... so far so good.

A few years ago a book helped me with a lot of my issues. It's worked to an extent, but I still deal with self-doubt when it comes to art and design. Despite those things, I still study. I still look to my design 'teachers' so to speak. I still take my job seriously, and try to put out the best work I can do. I can at least say that I'll know when my time comes.

Dinner with friends last night. Been busy most of the week, actually. I didn't have a lot of time to write like I want to, plus keep up the food log, which I will do tonight. In any case, we went to this little Italian place where I had the best white pizza ever. The conversation was ...for the most part... 'best -insert food- you've ever had''s amazing how people will remember the year, and what ever place in the world they were when they had their best sandwich, pizza, ice cream.


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