Monday, April 17, 2006

Time to get Parinoid

[Music: Don't You (forget about me) - Simple Minds]
[Mood: Annoyed]

Saturday afternoon I'm waiting to go out, I'm flipping channels, and I cruise by Fox News. I just happen to catch the host saying that they've got new information on the murder case in Leola, PA (guy killed 6 of his family members.)

Now, anyone who knows me knows I don't get my news from network news channels, and I particuarly despise FOX News. I wasn't going to go online any time soon, so I figured I'd stay tuned and wait to see the report, after commercial.

So, they return from commercial, and the dude is back, with this guest woman, and they start talking about the murder in Oklahoma of the 10 year old girl, who's neighbor had her body.

So, this news woman, her name is Kimberly Guilfoyle (who looks like a Star Trek alien) is talking about this murderer, cannibalism and the fact that it was her neighbor who took this little girl. She goes on about the fact that it was her neighbor... and she gets heated and says, "It's time to get parinoid!"

I threw my hands in the air. This is why I despise this network. 'It's time to get parinoid', am I supposed to be affraid of my neighbors now? Maybe I should get a gun, and the next time a neighbor asks me to help them with something, I'll wave it around and yell at them to get off my property on the very VERY slight chance they could be a cannibal or mass murder.

Sorry, I refuse to 'get parinoid' ...but, what's worse... someone who actually takes that shit to heart, means they'll be affraid of me. ME. The only thing my neighbors need to be affraid of is if I found out they're Philadelphia Eagle's fans. I may be over all the time.



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