Friday, September 22, 2006

Reflections of Austin

The following is a record of my experiences at the University and College Designers Association Conference in Austin Texas.

This was my first major design conference. I can honestly say I came out of my shell a bit. The main thing was striking conversations. I didn't want to just stand around as the odd-man out. Ms. Gaddis, T3 president and founder said that this business is all about relationships. I'm proud to say that I talked it up in Austin.

There are a lot of personal bits and pieces I took from this conference. I learned quite a bit from Elliot Earls, and Michael Walsh. Weather it's trying not to committ a type crime, or following my bliss in an attempt to expand myself, I'll always be reminded that Design Matters.

Thank you UCDA for a great conference. See you (hopefully) in 2007.


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