Saturday, September 16, 2006

It Begins in Austin

The following is a record of my experiences at the University and College Designers Association Conference in Austin Texas.

The Conference officially kicked off with a meet-and-greet type of dinner & design show. I came to this conference by myself, and I didn't want my shyness problems to get in the way, so I started talking to the people next to me. I met Kirsten from Illinois and Michael from Kansas. Low and behold... in the middle of Texas, I found another Eagle's fan in Michael. From Kansas no less. It pays not to be shy.

After an official 'welcome' and a showcase of this year's design competition winners, Elliot Earls, designer in residence from the Cranbrook Academy delivered his keynote address. I was looking forward to this since I got the mailers, and he did not disappoint.


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