Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Final Day in Austin

The following is a record of my experiences at the University and College Designers Association Conference in Austin Texas.

Everything's coming to a close, and I've met some good people. Had lunch at a local joint with some of the guys I met. We were all roughly the same age, all (but one) married, and exchanged stories about work and life.

One of my last sessions was with Ilene Strizver again. This was more about managing type correctly in InDesign. She's funny, and very pleasant to listen to. It was as informative as her session from yesterday.

T3-The Think Tank closed out the conference. Redefining creativity was the topic of their talk, and although I typically don't care for ad agencies, I began to slowly understand their function in this industry. I still can't stand advertising, though. I can at least appreciate some of it a little more.


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