Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pass it On

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I'm thankful that the Internet provides access to many independent film and video productions. I've seen them both big and small. Every now and then I'm glad to see someone get inspired by someone else's inspiration.

I listen to a podcast called GeeksOn, and they produced an audio-only Star Wars Episode 3 spoof. They were inspired enough to create a funny script complete with familiar sound effects. However, someone ELSE has been inspired to take part of that audio spoof and edit it back into the film.

This is what I love to see. Somone is inspired enough to take something and invest time and effort into creating something else. I'm quite sure this editor doesn't personally know the podcasters, but they shared a similar vision and it worked.

Here's the video: It's in m4u format. Editing credit goes to 'Chewbaca'

And to spread the word on GeeksOn, check out their site, VERY active forum, and of course, their podcast.


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