Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Ready Yet

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The first time I realized I felt very uncomfortable watching images of 9/11 was when I saw Fahrenheit 911 in the theater. I just didn't like seeing the images.

I didn't lose anyone in the attack, and I wasn't in New York at the time. I don't like 9/11 used in jokes and humorous tones, and I can't stand to see the image of a cartoon Bin Laden used on Flash banners on websites to win XBoxes or iPods.

I saw United 93 a few months back. That uncomfortable feeling came back during that scene in the control tower watching the first plane strike. I was sure I could handle the movie, and I did for the most part. But, I'll never see it again. It was at that moment when I decided I will not watch any movies about 9/11.


Blogger tif said...

it is far too early for a movie based on this tragedy. it is just too fresh for we as a society to truly reflect on what has happened. Thinking about it freezes up my brain, my human mind isn't capable of fully comprehending the amount of suffering that was created due to these events.

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